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Several sewing methods for garment weaving

How to sew clothes woven? There are several kinds of sewing methods for woven woven fabrics. The woven woven fabrics are mainly divided into woven edges and trimmed edges.
Weaving edge label:
When it is necessary to point out the need for the width of the required trademark one-off case, it is called the woven border trademark. This process avoids many of the disadvantages of trimming, but yields are lower. There is also a flat/satin finish, which is characterized by a soft, firm feel. It is more suitable for high-end clothing products, such as fashion, suits, etc. It is very much used by Japanese manufacturers who pay attention to quality, and the machine is also made in Japan. The weaving edge label is generally used as a satin label, but the satin background color is difficult to express, and the hot color/dyeing process is commonly used to solve this problem.
Weaving the edge of the machine generally has a wooden shuttle machine, the color can not exceed four; and the crochet machine can also weave the quality of various processes, and even add transparent polyester yarn in the warp yarn, called the fish crochet machine.
The cost of the cloth label constitutes a variety of yarns in addition to the width, the total length of each color, and the process. JB series yarn is the international commonly used trimming cloth label:
As the name suggests, on a dedicated high-speed machine, weave a whole piece like a woven fabric, and then cut it into strips according to the width of the mark. Because of the heat-melting properties of polyester, the yarns stick together when cut and do not scatter. Also for this reason, the appearance and feel will be affected to some extent, good machines will be better, some, ultrasonic cutting will be better than ordinary electric knife. The cloth label can be directly processed and sent to the garment factory for processing; if the requirements are strict, it is still necessary to cut and process. Because the maximum width of this machine is 20.8cm, that is to say, the width of the mark can be woven, it can be processed into various shapes according to the process classification, which can be divided into two categories: flat mark and satin mark.
Plane mark:
The cloth label is like a cloth structure, and it is simply called a simple plane label after being woven one by one. Generally, the warp yarns are fixed, or black, or white, so there are black and white flat, light-colored base color standard, generally white flat, dark people generally use black flat. The pattern and color of the cloth label are mainly expressed by weft yarn, and the expressed color should be different from the warp yarn and different. Because the general machine has restrictions on the type of weft yarn used, the color that can be expressed is limited, generally within 8 kinds. As can be seen from the above, the price components are: the width of the cloth label, that is, the amount of warp yarn used; the length of the cloth label, and the length of each color along the warp direction. In order to express the details and colors more abundantly, the weft yarns are doubled, which is called double-sided label. If a certain color needs a more three-dimensional effect, a heavy yarn is added, which is called a double shuttle. In addition to washing and size, mostly flat double-sided labels are used. The cloth labels are all yarns to express the pattern, and certainly differ from the original graphic design, so it is impossible to make a large product without a small sample.
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