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Embroidery basics

Embroidery is one of the ancient Chinese handicraft art, and it has made great contributions to the advancement and improvement of the national material civilization in the past.
The origin of embroidery in China has a long history. The literature records are created in the hustle and bustle. The archaeological relics are currently found only in Shang and Zhou. The original embroidered use, this is the role of decorative clothes to symbolize the status of the esteem with political aids; later gradually expanded to beautify the life of the decoration, and popularize the folk. As for the artistic nature of embroidery, it has different characteristics as the development stage changes.
Embroidery is one of the ancient Chinese craftsmanship and has contributed a lot to the improvement of cultural life. The early embroidered relics show that the Zhou Dynasty is still simple and rough; the Warring States gradually became more and more meticulous; the Han Dynasty began to reveal the beauty of art.
Because of the prosperity of the economy, the prosperity of the industry, the silk weaving industry is especially developed; and when the wealthy of the society rises and forms a new consumer class, the supply and demand of embroidery will flourish. Not only has it become a popular clothing for the people, but also the production has become professional, especially the art. Flying by leaps and bounds. From the unearthed objects, the embroidery is exquisite, the patterns are diverse, and the beautiful and beautiful scene is presented. It is called this national craft to lay an excellent tradition. The embroidered flag dragon, which is common in the folklore activities of the front line, is a subject frequently cited in the embroidery process. Since then, embroidery has continued to develop, and in terms of providing clothing, it has continued to expand the scope and level of life. In addition, during the embroidering, he also took on the task of serving religion, from Wei Jin to Sui and Tang Dynasties. During this period, Buddhism flourished, and the believers chose to represent the honor and the time-consuming work of embroidering. As a way of drawing and supporting Buddha statues, it was said to be an embroidered Buddha. This kind of embroidered Buddha has a huge structure, and it still exists in the museums of Britain and Japan. The embroidering method of the works is strict and exquisite, the color is magnificent and magnificent, and it is very impressive. It is one of the special achievements of ancient embroidery.
Another achievement in the development of embroidery in the Tang Dynasty is the innovation in embroidering. Before the Tang Dynasty, the only "lock embroidery" method was popular, and the "flat stitch embroidery" was invented, which is the embroidery method that has been used until now. Because of the many changes in the embroidery method, the embroidery artist can exert his creative freedom and artistic expression, and quickly replaced the "lock embroidery" and became popular, thus bringing another new era in the history of embroidery development.
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