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Basic information and characteristics of the epaulettes

The epaulette refers to a plastic product that is formed by using a drop-molding process, dropping a liquid material into a mold, heating, baking, cooling, and finally molding the mold over a period of time.
The epaulettes have certain toughness, strong corrosion resistance and slow aging. During the process of use, the size of the printing surface increases slowly with the aging process of the material, but it increases to a certain extent and remains stable. The size of the printed area is stamped at different times. The change is not obvious, and it is generally not easy to attract the attention of the relevant personnel. Under the same conditions of stamping pressure, ink printing, etc., the main features of the rubber stamp and plastic stamp change over time are the detailed changes caused by local aging, that is, the exposure or bridging of the impression marks and the "flap" of the engraving. Or fall off.
The rubber stamp has a uniform internal structure and no water absorption. Its easy aging degree is between the atomic seal and the plastic seal, but it is easy to age with respect to plastic and horn seals, resulting in changes in the size of the printed matter. At the same time, because the rubber texture is soft and the elasticity is large, the stamping pressure and the softness and hardness of the padding have a great influence on the shape and outer diameter of the printed characters. Therefore, we should pay attention to distinguish the irreversible change and pressure of the printed size caused by the aging of the material. The size and the softness and hardness of the padding are distinguished by the change in the shape of the printed matter and the reversibility of the outer diameter.
The elasticity and hardness of the epaulettes are between rubber, atomic seals and horns, and glass seals. The texture is soft and flexible. It is easy to wear and is easily bumped, that is, in the diachronic seals it covers, the wear and bump features are reflected more fully, and the lines of the characters can be seen to become thicker, the corners become dull, and the text can be seen. Bumping phenomenon such as line depression and defect. Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of the material, it is easy to produce errors and is not suitable for bank seals.
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