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Badge production process knowledge

As a kind of delicate and exquisite jewelry, the badge is widely used. It can be used as identity, brand identity, main souvenir, publicity and gift sports. It also tends to make badges as a souvenir. With the modern technology, the badge technology has changed from time to time. The limitations of the use of badges are becoming more and more common. The variety of badges is also increasing. According to the function of the badges, the badges are generally included in the badges, collars and caps. Expropriation, epaulettes, armbands, armbands, medals, medals, seals, chapters, etc., are also extremely common, such as the emblem of social groups, the logo of corporate companies, clothing decoration, and as a work of art, and so on; According to the badge manufacturing process, there are mainly enamel badges, imitation enamel badges, painted enamel badges, stamping badges, printed badges, bite badges, three-dimensional badges, etc., and often seen in the paint badges, stamping badges, imitation enamel Badges, printed badges, etc.
To choose the material and craft of the appropriate badge, choose the badge design method of response. The badge design is a very important link. Although there are many manufacturing methods for each of the different designs, some special designs are suitable for the anus. Some extraordinary craftsmanship, such as complex colors, you can't use stamping or enameling, etc., choose printing technology, etc., so in the design of the badge, what kind of badge do you want to make, there are some crafts Restricted, also, in the case of adopting a unified process, the more complicated the design pattern is, the more colors there are. If the difficulty of adding badges is more expensive, the price will be more expensive and can not be manufactured. To correct the design artwork. Therefore, in the design of the micro-chapter, you must fully link your needs with the manufacturing process of the badge. Two aspects must be considered, and you can design a truly feasible micro-chapter design. To select the appropriate materials and techniques for the manufacture of badges, it is necessary to investigate the manufacturing techniques of the badges in the related articles of Haixin Signs common sense, as well as some differences in the manufacturing process of badges, such as the meaning and process of stamping badges, enamel Articles such as badges, imitation badges, paint badges, crafts and features, enamel badge craftsmanship, and printed badges are all related to the process.
Our commonly used badge crafts are generally stamped, imitation enamel, baking varnish, printed badges, etc., here is a brief introduction.
1. Baking process: The materials of the baking process can be generally made of copper, zinc alloy or iron. The iron-painted badge is very cheap and good. The badges made with the baking varnish process are bright and colorful, the lines are clear and bright, the metal materials are strong, the concave local color paste pigments (Pan Tong color), the raised local gold plating, nickel plating and other plating results, the badge The exterior can also be covered with a layer of clear maintenance resin (Boli), commonly known as “Epoxy”. After the Epoxy, the paint badge will be lost, but due to the light refraction, the badge will be lubricated. .
2, erosion process: bite plate product lines are delicate, the overall color of the beautiful features, often on the plaque, stainless steel erosion signs are often seen, bumps can be painted results.
3, imitation enamel badge: imitation enamel badge craftsmanship, beautiful colors, craftsmanship, appearance lubrication. Although ordinary will be polished, but the metal lines of the enamel-like appearance feel a little raised with fingers, but in relation to the paint emblem, the appearance is flat, and the lines of the imitation enamel badge can be gold-plated. Various metal colors such as silver, filled with color paste pigments between metal lines. The badges made with the imitation enamel process, precision workmanship, are a common method of manufacturing high quality badges.
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