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The color scheme of the neem

Different gimmicks have different colors, so customers will have different requirements when choosing colors. Some have high color requirements, need to achieve more than 95% similarity, and some have low color requirements, only need 80% similarity.
Everyone hopes that the gimmick can be perfected to correct the customer, and the correct matching of the color will determine the overall effect of the hoe! The trademark weaving is made of yarn, so the color matching staff will match the yarn according to the yarn color of the steamed bread, provided that it is in sufficient light. Unlike the woven plaque, it is made of different materials. Generally, we use the pantone color number of the plaid factory. If the customer knows the pantone color number, you can directly tell the manufacturer, let him directly give Your color is OK. For multi-color or gradient color woven or printed, the difficulty of making is a bit large. In general, the looms can be made up to 12 colors, and the enamels are different depending on the performance of the machine. The difficulty of making gradual colors on the market is very light, especially in 4 colors or more.
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